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Fold Over Layout
Please upload the highest resolution file. Vector files are best. By uploading you are agreeing that you own the rights to the logo.

These are my discontinued tag colours.  

Logos are available but please message me prior to the ordering process. Please leave a note upon check out if you would like 4 holes or no holes.  


A - Fold over 2" x 0.75"  QTY-20

B - Fold Over Mirrored 2" x 0.75" QTY-20

C- Fold Over Mirror Reversed 2" x 0.75" QTY-20

D - Flat Lay 2" x 0.75" 2" x 0.75" QTY-20

E - Flay Lay Narrow 40mm x 10mm QTY-45

F - Square 1" x 1" QTY-32

All tags are cut on my laser machine.
Tags will have scorch marks around the edges.
Hole placement is standard but can be moved if needed. Please make a note upon checkout if 4 holes are required.