Leatherette VS. Ultraleather garment tags.

Leatherette VS. Ultraleather garment tags.

You may have seen there are now 2 material options for faux leather tags. Leatherette and Ultraleather. 

I have been on the search for years to find the best faux leather option for garment tags. My first attempt at leather tags was with real leather. That listing was up for a very short time. Since it was real leather the smell was awful. I was laser engraving flesh, it was so gross. I was also spending a lot of time cleaning the tags before packaging. There was a lot of soot.

Next I found an awesome leatherette made for laser machines. Which is the material I have had for a while. Leatherette. It is a lot stiffer/thicker than any of my other tag material. And it works really well. The down sides: I have to clean the edges before packaging but not NEARLY as much as the real leather tags. The other downside was I could not be guaranteed that my supplier would have it in stock. They are sold in smaller sheets and I found myself not being able to order the colours I needed. I decided to keep 3 colours. The black that engraves silver or gold and the rustic that engraves gold. I can't get those anywhere else and they seem to sell well. So they will stay in the shop for now. 

Then it happened. Just last month though I finally found it! A Canadian suppler who sells laser safe (PSA - not all materials are safe to engrave) faux leather in roll that I can buy by the yard!! Ultraleather. I should have found this material earlier. They are my suede supplier but the Ultraleather is roughly 5 times more than the suede so it took some time for me to figure out that it was what I needed. They are much thinner than the Leatherette, easier to engrave. While the leatherette bends perfectly for fold over applications some might prefer the easier application of the Ultraleather Right now only 3 colours are available. But I am in the process of getting samples of the other colours to see which would work well.

If you have an idea for your custom tags let me know! You can message my assistant, Amanda, on my Facebook page Maple & Rose

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