Hi!! This is me; Jenni. I am the face, tears, sweat and joy behind Maple & Rose. I am a Red Seal Journeywoman Cabinetmaker turned work at home mom. After the arrival of my first son I decided to stay home with my growing family. After some encouragement from my family and my amazing husband I started my own little wood work business building kids' furniture. But as the family grew I had to re-evaluate my business as the time to work was becoming harder to find. 

I revamped my style and a new name was revealed. After the passing of my grandfather I wanted a way to honour my Canadian and British heritage. Maple & Rose seemed to be the perfect fusion of who I am. It's funny how things just fall into place. My paternal family is Canadian 🍁 (maple) and my maternal family is British 🌹 (rose).

My life is a beautiful ciaos. I have 2 active boys. I mainly work while they are in school. I am very thankful for Amanda, my virtual assistant. She is the one you will mostly be chatting with via messages. She has really been an important addition to the M&R team as we grow.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as I try to figure out how to juggle mom and work life. 


Mid 2023 we added Jameela! Jameela recently started doing social media for Maple & Rose and is loving it! A mom to 2 young daughters and unfortunately a Calgarian.. :p  

I am also a huge believer that strong people build each other up. If I am not able to help you, I will do my best to find someone who can.