Where it all began....

Where it all began....

When I started this little biz I had no idea what the future would hold. I had just finished my maternity leave. My eldest had just turned one and I was making kids furniture. Crazy to think how it all began. Below is one of my first shows, ever! Sept. 2013. 

I was Kreller's Creations. Over time, as my eldest grew, I was finding it really hard to find the time to get to the garage to work. I couldn't take my baby into the garage with me and naps were slowly phasing out. Not my choice! lol  Also with no heater in the garage I was limited to what I could do in the winter. 

While I was making my time out chairs I had a friend message me. Asking if I wanted to try his laser machine for the words. I had been using templates and a permanent marker to write on them so I thought it would look great and as a former machinist at a Cabinet Shop I was very intrigued. Cue my passion for laser engraving. 

My laser machine arrive in February of 2015. I was 7 months pregnant with my second and I was scared. I was changing my entire focus for my business.Since I was changing my products I wanted to also change my brand. I had thought about it for a while so when I was accepted to my first Make It show I decided to also change my name. Which meant hours of putting stickers on all my Kreller's Creations business cards and packaging. 

The transition was actually quite painless. I now bear a name that holds so much meaning. You know how they say somethings just falls into place. That was Maple & Rose. Both are hardwoods. Maple for my Canadian family and Rose for my British. I had also lost my grandfather and he loved roses! So much packed into a business name. So much love and passion fused together. 

What started off as a way to bring in some extra cash had turned into my full time job. I was lucky to have a career that I could work with from home. It has not been easy. I have almost quit a few times. One nervous breakdown and countless 2 am nights but I would not change anything. It has been a learning curve as I NEVER thought I would be a business owner but to be able to stay home with my boys has been the biggest reward. I have grown to be a best seller on Etsy. Opened my own website that is top 10% traffic. I have done jobs for Sport Check, Atmosphere and the Oilers.  

It's been 6 years since I started my journey and I don't see an end in sight. 


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