Satin FOLDOVER 7/8" ribbon

Regular price $12.50

◆ 50 Custom printed tags.
◆ 7/8" width. Length is customizable to your needs. Larger logo's/phrases will result in longer tags. Average individual tag length is between 2"-2.5"
◆ Satin Ribbon


◆ 9.5mm (3/8") seam allowance is standard. Please make a note if you would like more or less.
◆ Washable black ink in the only true waterproof ink. All others are water resistant.
◆ Not pre cut. You will receive all tag in a continuous ribbon with cut references.


❤ Stain tags are a new addition to the Maple & Rose store, if there is a certain size/colour you would prefer please let me know and we can make it happen! ❤
❤ New colours and ink options arriving soon ❤